Sunday, 2 March 2014

Explanation Writing

This year we will be focusing predominantly on writing an explanation.  This week we began by looking at what an explanation is and how it is set out.  This is an example of one written by Sohel, Zack and Joshua.

How To Use Your WITS

Your WITS stand for walk away, ignore, talk about it and seek help. Using your WITS helps you because it helps you not make fights and get in detention or trouble.     

First you walk away. If people are making trouble you should decide to walk away. If you don't you will  get in big trouble or cause fights. If you don't walk away it will not solve your problem so just walk away.

Then  how you ignore is you walk away and try to think of something else. If they keep following you fix it. If they follow you ignore as it is always on the wits. If you do not ignore it can make you feel bad inside.

It is important to talk about it. After talk about it means that you can talk to a teacher or a year 8. Talk about it makes fights stop and you should talk to your bulley to make him stop.

Lastly you can seek help from a prefect, teacher, year 8s, friend and parents these people can help you figure it out and you might feel better.

If you use your WITS it will keep you out of trouble. So use your WITS.

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  1. To Sohel, Zack and Joshua,
    Great explanation writing! Did your class make up the WITS acronym? I'm going to share this with my class in Auckland - we're learning about staying safe in the playground.
    From Miss S.


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