Monday, 25 May 2015

Procedural Writing

In Room 10 we have been learning about Procedural Writing. Procedural Writing is about giving instructions. Here is a piece of procedural writing and a video that Nyree and Kerstein wrote about How to make an Origami Cup.

My literacy class are learning how to do procedural writing. Now we know how to do procedural writing. Here are the instructions to make a paper cup. It took me 30 sec to do it.


  1. HI Room 10,
    I like the that you have done well of doing a origami cup it looks very hard but I have one question how how go you do that?

  2. sup room 10,
    wow,i have never done that.
    every tell me what to do.
    you look sooo smart!!!

  3. I like your paper cup and how you made it. What happened when you put water in it?

  4. Hi Room 10
    My name is Timeus and I'm a year 5 student from tamaki primary school, And I just want to that I like how you look for a video on how to make a cup with paper, And then you guys wrote the instructions about how to make a paper cup with paper, And it was really cool.

  5. Hi you did a good job keep it up.


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