Thursday, 20 February 2014

Statistics- Tables and Graphs

During Statistics this week we learned to use tables and graphs to solve statistical investigative questions. The following is a post from Melenoa showing her results.

How Boys and Girls get to School?

Today we learned to use tables and graphs to solve investigative question.

We found out that
1.There are more girls that goes on a motor car and boys that walk to school.

2. It token people 6 or 10 mins to go to school on a Motor car,Bus and to walk to school.


  1. Well done
    Well done boys that is good you walk to school.You boys who walk to school you boys are going to be fit.The girls are not going to be fit because if you in the car.You will not be fit.Boys have fun walking to school

  2. Well done boys and girls,

    Well done the boys that walked to school you are going to get more fit.Girls you are not going to get fit next time walk to School but boys Well done and HAVE FUN


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