Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Justus' Birthday

In Room 10 we have been writing our holiday highlights. Here is one that Faioso wrote about her friends birthday party.

In the holidays Justus' mum picked me up from my house because it was Justus birthday.
Then we went to Justus house to pick up his brother in a van.
Then we went to jump because it was for Justus birthday. When we got to jump it was so amazing because it was my first time going there. Then we went inside to get our jump socks. Then we went inside to play around.
The first thing I went to was dodge ball. It was so fun because we got to jump around and throw the ball around.
After that I lift and went to the rope. The rope is so cool because we got to swing around like a monkey.
After that I went to Justus house. We had a big BBQ. It was so nice. We had lots of food. The thing that I liked the most was the sushi. I ate heaps of it.
After that we went to the pools. It was so fun because my next door neighbour was there. We played in the pool until 6.00 pm.
Then we went back to Justus house. We had a little feed. Then I went home.
At the end I ate all of the cup cakes and some of the cake. I felt so tired from that birthday.
The thing that I liked the most was everything. I hope that we can go jump again.

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  1. Happy birthday I liked the way you put lots of interesting words in here I can see what use did I wish if i was there


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