Sunday, 8 June 2014

My Titanic Explanation.

Why the Titanic sunk!  Have you ever heard about the Unsinkable Ship before?

 BANG!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Titanic also known as the Unsinkable Ship crashed into a massive iceberg and scraped along the side of it. This was the Luxury liners first voyage but also it’s last. A big disaster with many lives lost.

 Everyone thought that the Titanic would never sink because the owners said it was the safest ship in the world. When it hit the iceberg it made big holes in the side of the ship. The bulkheads started to fill with water and the Titanic slowly began to sink.

 When the Titanic started sinking the front of the ship was the first to get covered with water. It dragged the stern of the ship down but the pressure was too big and it snapped off. The stern of the Titanic bobbed up and down for a while before submerging into the icy water.

 Some good things to think about the titanic.There should've been more lifeboats so all the people on the ship could survive.The captain should’ve listened to the warnings and prepared everyone earlier.

By Rowana

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  1. Hi Rowana I really like how you added details in your story it was cool but I didn't read it all because it was to long but At least I got up to the second paragraph.From aliyah


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