Sunday, 21 September 2014

Pt England Cross Country

Last week was Pt England's cross country race. Here is Damien's recount.

Yesterday PES had cross country. I was in Te Arawa. We are the red team.

The first kids that had a race was year 1. They were  5 years old. Then after that was the next year group.

Finally it was the year six’s.  At the start we did a sprint and got tired. When I was running I was coming first but then I slowed down. I caught up to Taiaha and we had an race to the end.

The person that came first out of the year six’s was Aidan.Oloti came second.

Then when we finished cross country we went back to class to put up the chairs. Then the bell rang and we went home.     

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  1. Hi Damien. I like how to were excited for cross country. Damien what place did you come in cross country?


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