Sunday, 1 June 2014

The Disaster That Shocked The World

This term we have been learning about the Titanic.  This is a summary of what Amber has learnt.

In 1911 the titanic was built. It was the BIGGEST ship to EVER be built. It was bigger then a human, a car, and EVEN a airoplane, want to know why it isn’t around anymore? Well, one night the Titanic was sailing across the sea. One of the captains saw an iceberg and told the captain. He didn’t listen, so one of the captains tried to turn the ship before it went through the iceberg, but when they turned the side scraped the iceberg and sunk after one hour. In that hour they left 1114 or 1115 people left in the freezing water…. After about 30 minutes they all froze to death… They died. Did you know they didn’t put alot of people on the boats? One of the boats could fit up to 62 people but they only put 31 on. The Titanic started zooming down in the water, like a torpedo. Parts came off and now its in the freezing, cold, atlantic ocean. It’s gone forever. This is a disaster that is famous, but we will always remember the people who died on there. If you ever want to find the Titanic, I would never want to, want to know why? I think you would freeze to death, just like how everyone else did.

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