Saturday, 29 March 2014

Explanation writing

This term we have been focusing on writing explanations. Over the last two weeks we have been writing about why we use a knife and fork to eat. When our work was complete we did a self and peer assessment to see how we are going. This is an example written by Ashley.

Why do we use a knife and fork to eat?

Have you ever eaten without a knife and fork? If you don’t eat with a knife and fork other people will be embarssed, and you dont know what your puting in your mouth.

Keeping Clean
Do you keep clean by washing your hands?  We use a knife and fork because you won’t be able to see the bacteria, and you could pass the germs around.

Bite Size Pieces  
We use a knife and fork because we have to pick up the little pieces with it. If the pieces are big you could cut it with a knife to make them small enough to eat, this might stop you from choking on the food.

Do you use your manners? I use my manners by eating with a knife and fork, so people won’t be embarssed. I hold my fork in my left hand and my knife in my right hand, I cut my food with my knife and put it in my mouth with my fork this is what people do.

You should use your knife and fork because it helps you from getting all sticky and oily!

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