Saturday, 8 February 2014

Holiday Highlights

This week in class, we have been writing recount stories about our holiday highlights. This is one 
posted by Aaron in class 7.

Sky Tower

It was 1st January 2014 My family was guessing what my sister was wondering what she was going to get for her birthday. Almost knight and we were planning to take her to the sky tower in Auckland. Ounce we told her she buzzing with excitement.

We spared sometime at the downtown park, we played a ton of games.Tag,Racing,Climbing,
4 vs 1, Riding an eel and balancing. Play time over fright of heights awaits.

We had a little bit of trouble finding a parking but we found one. We went in the entrance and what a amazing entry, we headed to the access of the sky tower. My dad payed 65$ dollars. Up we went in the elevator. When we arrived 1/2 of the sky tower levels I was amazed of what I saw, it was such an incredible view.

My sister took a thew photos and then we looked in the binoculars. I could see everything close up in the binoculars. I saw Buildings,houses,schools,mountains,towns,shops and much more.

We waited in line for going to the highest level. It took unbelievably long even more than 30 minutes. Finally we got to go in. At this point I never want to bunchy jump, we stayed for not too long and went back home.

We bought a cake for my sister for her birthday it was a chocolate cake she had the best birthday ever.

I had a fun time at the sky tower but I hated heights it was the best birthday.


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  2. I really liked your story Aaron, I loved how you drew the sky tower, it looks just like it.

  3. lillyana Aisha17 June 2014 at 10:02

    i like your storry love Aisha


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